04 September 2007

Negative Space Drawings

^ Oh what fun! :)

^ A lovely little desk chair.
^ James being laid back.

I really enjoy the negative space drawings. I love the simplicity of them.


Lily Glover said...

The one of James is really interesting with the negative space he created with his arms. I didn't even think to draw a person, it's a really good idea!

scotto said...

continue on with these for a while, even in your spare time and see where it leads you. helps to develop as good sense of really looking at something instead of glancing at it...my eyes naturally pick up on textures present in a space and then look at the shapes they create. very nice work. I enjoy them all. the city scape of tate st. could be used over and over for all kinds of work. nice vantage point most folks don't usually see.