29 January 2008

No Drawer Left Unturned

These three drawings show only a tiny part of all the clutter in my room. Sad but true! The top image is of my nightstand/drawer. The middle image is of some of the decoration atop my desk, and the bottom image is the top shelf of my closet! I think the top image is the best because of a stronger, more direct light source.

What a Mess!

This is my first "mess"/ clutter drawing. During the process I was vary happy with it in the beginning. I started on the right side, and I think I put more time and attention into that side. The left side is a little weak and I think the two cups take away from the rest of the drawing.

Doodles During Drafting

Birds eye view of my sweater during drafting lecture.... At least I'm getting some practice!

EUC to Jackson Library

This is the interior entrance to the Jackson Library coming from the Elliot University Center.
I think the drawing turned out very well, and it was very fun and interesting to draw. Upon completion I began to feel like I was finally getting the hang of different hatching techniques! Yay!

28 January 2008

Lead Pencil Studio

All of these images are of an exhibit in the Weatherspoon Museum. It is an installation done by the Lead Pencil Studio-a very neat exhibit, might I add. The bottom image is a "re-do" of the one above it. Although I do like it better, I still had a lot of issues with knowing where to put the hatching lines. Some of this, I believe, had to do with the conflict in light source.