20 September 2007


This is Heather. I like this one. I think it is the most complete and I think it looks like her too!

This is my lovely roommate Jen! ...it KIND OF looks like her. More of a resemblance, this isn't my favorite but I still like it.

Profile of Sara E.

This was done in class, and I think it actually looks like Sara, even though it not quite complete.

19 September 2007

Pencil Box

This is my pencil "box". It is made completely of tape, masking and drafting. I sort of stretched the boundaries....only adhesive, markers not pencils, and it is not your typical "box", but I like it!

The inside!

Birds eye view of the top!

A close up of the inside!

This is a vertical frontal view of the final one rolled up and tied.

This is my first iteration. The whole colored paper strip thing just wasn't working out, and the roll of paper was definitely distracting. So, all of that took a trip to the trash! (not really, it's still on my desk.)

18 September 2007

Taylor's Profile

This profile was very stressful for me. I had a lot of trouble with his mouth, and I'm still not very happy with it. I just don't know how to fix it, and I tried for a long time...

Brianna's Profile

This profile was not as bad as the one of Taylor. This looks more like Bri. I am actually pretty happy with this one. The lips could be a little better, but I'm pretty pleased.

13 September 2007

People Contours

These are four contours of people. Honestly I don't really like them. I think they look like cartoons and they aren't done the way I like to draw people. I actually like to draw people, but just faces, and with pencil and shading.

09 September 2007


At first I did not like this at all because I messed up the right tire, but as I look at the whole picture, I think it was more successful than I was thinking.

Egg Project

Ideas For Egg Project

05 September 2007

Re-visisted Science Building Sketch

This is a sketch of the Science building from yesterday, new and improved!

04 September 2007

Contour from Ferguson

This is my favorite contour from the day!

Contour of Science Building

I loved it when I was looking at the real thing...

Tate Street Contour

My view of Tate St. atop the parking deck.


Testing out my lettering style.

Contour of Studio

My appreciation for this sketch is growing.

Blind Contour of My Hand

Interesting how we perceive a hand... 8/28/07

Negative Space Drawings

^ Oh what fun! :)

^ A lovely little desk chair.
^ James being laid back.

I really enjoy the negative space drawings. I love the simplicity of them.