25 February 2009

WPA poster

For this assignment I designed a poster modeled after the WPA posters. I looked at the original posters for inspiration and created a poster in Illustrator based on an image from the web.

22 February 2009

researching BATHE

what is a bathe? and what does it mean to bathe? we shall see.

The term misogi is used to describe bathing in Japan and means the ritual purification with water. It cleanses not only the mind and body, but also the kokoro, a persons spirit or heart. Bathing in the Japanese culture is very important. It is also very different from the American bath. Unlike Americans that fill up a hot tub and jump right in, the Japanese do the cleansing prior to soaking in an always, very hot tub. Typically a bucket of water is used to wash and cleanse the body, then a clean tub is used for soaking and relaxation.
It is also common to have mixed bathing, or see children bathing with their parents. This has caused some controversy because of the image it portrays, and at one time was banned in Japan. But, today it is often still seen. Sometimes this is done in complete nudity, or for those whom are more modest a towel or loincloth is used.

20 February 2009

unrban PATHways

this is a street scene from Bangkok, Thailand. i edited the image in illustrator. the top image is the original image.

19 February 2009


my design manifesto is about creating something interesting and dynamic from something ordinary. i believe this shows that you can create design from anything, and create anything through design. my object was created from two recycled bottles, 1/4 in thick piece of foamcore, and strips of vellum. i chose to use three ways of connecting the objects; i used adhesive, one T pin, and the shapes of the objects to hold themselves together.

04 February 2009

Confused Dynamic Movement

for this assignment i was given the words CONFUSED and DYNAMIC MOVEMENT. using images from the web i created an image that displays all of these characteristics.

above are three initial designs

below are the images used in the final composition

below is the final composition

03 February 2009

Pattern Perception

for this assignment we chose an image of an urban landscape and created a victorian inspired pattern. i used the "steeple" of a builing and rotated and overlapped the image.