29 November 2007

Time Capsule in Orthogrphic View

This is my orthographic drawing of my time capsule. The Top image is the top view, and the drawing below it is the view from the front. In the bottom image, the drawing on the right is the side view, and to the left is part of the frontal view. I left it there to help show the comparison of the dimensions.

Time Capsule on Wall

20 November 2007

Tiffany Posing

I really liked this assignment, and I like my final product. I think i like the layout the best about the whole thing. I wish the scan looked a little better though...

07 November 2007

Shaded Blocks

These are some of my shaded drawings of the cubes we had to make.

06 November 2007

[more] shading

This is a still life that shows a contrast in textures with a specific light source that adds shadows.

01 November 2007

Shaded Objects

This is a shading exercise done from our drawing book. I like it, and I am glad we are starting to shade things!