26 January 2009

computers IN design

When looking at the role of computers in design it is clear to see that this role has changed drastically. As technology has improved over time, computers have had a growing role in the design world. I think this issue has its advantages, but also has some disadvantages. I think that computers aid the design world by making it possible and much easier to design things that are very complex structurally. They create an engineering process that is much simpler. Instead of a person physically working out the mathematics of a design problem, it is instead plugged into the computer program where a formula is used to figure out the design solution for you. This is good because it enables us to create objects that would otherwise be entirely too difficult for us design. Our options become virtually limitless. Consequently, parts of the design process are lost, along with some aspects of creativity. You become limited to the shapes and colors of the design program, and can be influenced by choosing from a predetermined template. I believe this can cause things to become more streamlined and less original. Also, I think it can take away from your involvement and knowledge of the design. The computer temporarily takes the place of your brain. It does the work for you, possibly causing you not to know exactly how or why something works structurally. This can also be very beneficial. It cuts the design time and enables a quicker and smoother transfer of information among everyone involved in the design process.
As for the future of computer-aided design, I believe they will only become a larger part of the design process. I fear that if you are not fully equipped with the skills needed to use the programs, you will not make it in the design world. It is also possible that the programs will either become so technologically advanced that we would no longer understand or be able to use the programs to their full potential. Or, the technology will eventually reach a plateau and come to a point where it can be advanced no further and still be beneficial to the design world.

06 January 2009


The fabulous bench

This is a view of the roof.

The BUS SHELTER is finally finished! After a very long, and fun semester in the studio and shop we (Second year studio) created this wonderful bus shelter.