19 September 2007

Pencil Box

This is my pencil "box". It is made completely of tape, masking and drafting. I sort of stretched the boundaries....only adhesive, markers not pencils, and it is not your typical "box", but I like it!

The inside!

Birds eye view of the top!

A close up of the inside!

This is a vertical frontal view of the final one rolled up and tied.

This is my first iteration. The whole colored paper strip thing just wasn't working out, and the roll of paper was definitely distracting. So, all of that took a trip to the trash! (not really, it's still on my desk.)


debi said...

I love your project! You should market this as it is such a much better way to lug the stuff around- so compact!
Love you
aunt debi

debi said...

Hey Melia:
I am enjoying viewing your work. I LOVE the pencil "box" - you should market it- what a much better way to lug the stuff around!
Love you
Aunt Debi