28 August 2007

My favorite blogs!

I really liked both Andrea Joseph and France Belleville's blogs. They both had a lot of artwork on their web pages, so i didn't get bored, and not too much to overwhelm me. I liked their subject matter because it is the stuff I like to draw/paint, especially Andrea's. I also think Andrea does an exceptional job with shading. It makes her works seem very real and lifelike. The thing about France's works that stands out the most to me, is her use of hatching lines for shading. It makes therm appear almost comic book like, but also very detailed and realistic. Her figures have a lot of expression, and I like that. Overall, I really like both of their styles and hope that someday I can do what they do! I think they are both very talented.


uncg iar said...

These are two of my favorites as well.

Try to be a little more descriptive when talking about their work. What about their subject matter appeals to you? What are their styles like? How are they the same? How do they differ?

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Hi Melia,

thank you for choosing my work to review. I'm glad that you liked it. I think that everyday subject matter often strikes a chord with people - the kind of stuff that we can take for granted. What I love about drawing this kind of subject is that it makes the viewer look at these, often overlooked, objects in a different way.

I am also a huge fan of France Belleville's work. She is brilliant, isn't she?

Thanks again, Andrea.