06 December 2007

[TEN] Buildings + my comments

Nestle Building, Mexico
The new Nestle chocolate factory building was designed by Michel Rojkind. He intended to create somewhat of a museum environment. Both the inside and outside are very interesting. I love the geometric lines and all the angles. I also think the bright red outside is really cool.

The Illycafe is the most unique cafe i have ever seen. Alnog with being portable, it folds out into a very cool modern eatery. When folded it looks like a freight car storage box, but when unfolded it becomes a wonderful place to grab a bite to eat! It was designed by Adam Kalkin for Illy.

Loft Cube
The Loft Cube is designed by Werner Aisslinger. I think it is a very visually appealing way to create a living environment in a compact way, but I am not sure that it is very functional. It is also very modern, but you would have to be a very clean and tidy person that did not have very many belongings to live in a Loft Cube.

Single Hauz
This is a very interesting idea! Front Architects from Poland have created a single person housing unit inspired by a billboard. It is suitable for almost any place you could ever want to have a home, in the water, in the middle of a city, or even in the middle of nowhere. I think this is a genius idea!

Leonardo Glass Cube
This building was designed by 3Deluxe. I think it is very very cool. I love the way the design from the grass and sidewalk is continued on the walls of the building. I think it looks like a net or some kind of web has engulfed it. Very very neat!

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