04 May 2011

IAR 451 assignment 2.0

I really enjoyed creating my portfolio for this assignment. I had fun going through my previous projects, and also enjoyed putting the layout together. Throughout my time in IARC I have learned that I typically don't enjoy computer work unless I am using photoshop or illustrator and since I used both for this assignment, I found it quite enjoyable. The thing I struggled with the most was trying to create at logo. It was hard for me to choose a style, colors, and a direction because I feel that my mind changes too often to "brand" myself. I chose something I like that is simple, but I am still struggling trying to decide if it is something I will keep for a while. Also, although I really enjoy doing the layouts, I am not 100% sold and happy with all of them. It was hard to keep it uniform, while making everything fit. I think making 2 or 3 more templates would serve me well, so that options could be used.

Looking back on this, I see improvements that need to be made, but I am happy with the outcome.

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