22 September 2008


For this part of the assignment I worked on the products we could use to spread the word for Community By Design and what we are doing as a studio class this semester. The first product is an umbrella. We decided on this for a product because we thought it would be something people would actually use. We chose green for the outside in hopes that it would stand out in a crowd of umbrellas, and eventually become easily recognizable as the IARC umbrella. We also decided to make the inside/underneath look like the world to add an unexpected element of surprise and interest.

We had a very similar concept for the tote bag. We thought it would be marketable, very useful, and would promote sustainability. Our hopes would be that this would replace paper and plastic shopping bags. It would be reversible, and have the same print as the umbrella.

Our last product is soap. We thought it would be another thing people would use, and would probably be very unexpected. This is also the reason we made it black. The color choice would cause people to take a second look at it, and hopefully spark a curiosity that would lead them to become involved in our endeavors.

Maiken Schoenleber

We chose to take a different approach to the "place" aspect of this charrette. We wanted to created mass interest while clearly informing the community, both the bus riders and non bus riders about us. Thus we have "Ode to Christo and Jeanne-Claude". Our local version of a wrapped building or physical art. We felt that by doing this living art installation the viewers would not only get a shocking experience but they would be forced to look at the good old Greensboro Bus Depot and it's surrounding environment with "new" eyes. The ultimate goal would be to energize and excite the community to find out more about Community by Design and what we are trying to accomplish through design. The installation would only last for a few days but it would be long enough to make a great impact on the community.
It was also decided that the surrounding bus shelters be wrapped in a bright green with the same graphic wording - Gatewoods Gateway to the Gate City and our web address. It's our hope that it would allow people who wouldn't necessarily travel to the main depot to see and experience what we are doing, and again hoping to stir a natural interest in the project.

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