08 May 2008

there's no where else like elsewhere

As our final project in Suzanne's class this semester, we spent several days in downtown Greensboro at Elsewhere. There is really no way to describe Elsewhere because it is truly a one of a kind place. This problem is exactly why we were there, and provided for a perfect assignment: map out the space, and create a sense of how it feels to be there. We each neon-taped off an area to map out and the process began.
After spending some time observing our spaces, we each created a list from memory of everything we saw. Above is my list of items, and below are two images I also observed. This exercise was done to see how things stood out in our memory.

This is the map I created to represent my space at Elsewhere. I decided to make one image of the entire space. I thought this would be effective because it would give a sense of how much stuff was in Elsewhere, and to think that this merely a six foot area along the wall of two three-story buildings full of anything and everything.

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